Australian Allografts is at the forefront of technical innovation and seeks to introduce new processing technologies to Australia to both increase efficiencies and the expansion of the product range.

Texere Biotech is proud to partner with Australian Allografts and together we look forward to introducing our worlds best practice robotic processing to the Australian Allograft market. Our cutting edge technology will revolutionise the art of allograft production, ensuring maximum recovery ratios whilst minimising the need for imported tissue and synthetic substitutes.

TEXERE Biotech bone allograft products are the world first to be certified “COVID-free”. TEXERE Biotech decided to have an independent validation of its validated pathogen reduction Bonefide® process for enveloped viruses such as SARS-Cov-2 by a world class expert. Samples of TMBG™ grafts (Texere Machined Bone Graft) were sent for evaluation to TEXCell, a contract research organization that specializes in virus testings, viral clearance and safety. Virus inactivation or removal of enveloped viruses of at least 4.0 log10 by two steps is considered as sufficient. The final verdict confirms that the Bonefide® physical processing, chemical treatments and terminal sterilisation (by irradiation) removes/inactivates at least 11.0 log10 the virus. Therefore using TMBG™ graft eliminates all risks of COVID-19 transmission for both the surgeons and the patient recipient of the bone graft.

This is an exciting time for both companies and we look forward to furthering our endeavours with the assistance of selected Australian specialist surgeons, for ground breaking papers on our quality and capabilities.

Denis Dufrane
Texere Biotech

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